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4G Wireless Technology PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about 4G features, Comparison of 3G and 4G and more on 4G Wireless Technology PPT.

4G Wireless Technology features

  • IP-based protocol architecture with support for multiple radios
  • Multicasting, caching and security features, etc.
  • Hierarchical support of high-tier (cellular), med tier (WLAN) and low-tier (personal area, sensor nets)
  • Self-organizing, ad-hoc wireless discovery & routing
  • Unified

Compare 3G & 4G

Comparison of 3G and 4G
– Back compatible to 2G.
– Circuit and packet switched networks.
– Combination of existing & evolved equipment.
– Data rate (up to 2Mbps).
– Extend 3G capacity.
– Entirely packet switched networks.
– All network elements are digital.
– Higher bandwidth (up to 100Mbps).

4G Wireless Technology PPT Contents:

  • 4G System Issues
  • Concepts for 4G
  • Potential 4G Network Ideas
  • Self-organizing, ad-hoc networks for 4G
  • 4G Mobile Network features
  • 4G Mobile Networks
  • Compare 3G & 4G
  • and more

Download 4G Wireless Technology PPT

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