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Analytical Chemistry PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Classification of Modern Analytical Methods on Analytical Chemistry PPT.

What is Analytical Chemistry?

Analytical chemistry seeks ever improved means of measuring the chemical composition of natural and artificial materials

The techniques of this science are used to identify the substances which may be present in a material and determine the exact amounts of the identified substances

The Role of Analytical Chemistry

-Friedrich Wilhelm Ostwald
“Analytical Chemistry, or the art of recognizing different substances and determining their constituents, takes a prominent position among the applications of science, since the questions which it enables us to answer arise wherever chemical processes are employed for scientific or chemical purposes.”

History of Analytical Methods

Classical methods: early years (separation of analytes) via precipitation, extraction or distillation

Qualitative: recognized by color, boiling point, solubility, taste

Quantitative: gravimetric or titrimetric measurements

Instrumental Methods: newer, faster, more efficient

Physical properties of analytes: conductivity, electrode potential, light emission absorption, mass to charge ratio and fluorescence, many more

Analytical Chemistry PPT Contents:

  • What is Analytical Chemistry?
  • The Role of Analytical Chemistry
  • History of Analytical Methods
  • Classification of Modern Analytical Methods
  • Analytical Methodology
  • and more

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