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Body Language PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Two basic groups of Body Language, Body Language example and more on Body Language PPT.

Body Language

Only as less as 15% is expressed with words, more than 50% is expressed through your body

Sense organs in play

Left and right brain

Subconscious signals

Body Language – Face and Eye

  • Feelings, attitudes & emotions- more than body
  • Sarcastic comments/ sincere
  • Eyes- lying
  • Establish bond
  • Involve

Body Language example

  • Eyes – upward to the right (their left). Trying to recall memories.
  • Eyes – upwards to the left (their right). Creating visual images (we think in pictures).
  • A hand over the mouth whilst talking indicates deceit. A desire to try and stop the words coming out of the mouth.
  • and more

Two basic groups of Body Language



Body Language PPT Contents:

  • Body Language
  • Eye and face
  • Body Language example
  • Two basic groups of Body Language
  • Movement
  • and more

Download Body Language PPT

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