Brain Fingerprinting Technology PPT Download Free

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Brain Fingerprinting Technology PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Equipment and Technology and more on Brain Fingerprinting Technology PPT.

History of Brain Fingerprinting

  • Brain fingerprinting was invented by Dr. B. S. Farwell, The chief scientist and president of Human Brain Research Laboratory, USA.
  • He had tested Brain Fingerprinting technology in over 170 cases. More than 80 of these were in real-life┬ásituations, and the rest were laboratory studies. Brain Fingerprinting testing has not made a single error in all of these cases.

Definition Brain Fingerprinting

Brain fingerprinting” is a computer-based test that is designed to discover, document, and provide evidence of guilty knowledge regarding crimes , and identify members of dormant terrorist cells.
Brain fingerprinting is a technique that measures recognition of familiar stimuli by measuring electrical
brain wave responses to words, phrases, or pictures that are presented on a computer screen .

Brain Fingerprinting Technology PPT Contents:

  • Introduction.
  • Working Principle.
  • Scientific Procedure.
  • Equipment and Technology.
  • Benefits of Brain Fingerprinting.
  • Conclusion.
  • and more

Download Brain Fingerprinting Technology PPT

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