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COCOMO Model PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Constructive Cost Model, COCOMO II, COCOMO II Uses and more on COCOMO Model PPT.

What is COCOMO?

Constructive Cost Model (COCOMO) is one of the earliest cost models widely used by the cost estimating community.
COCOMO was originally published in Software Engineering Economics by Dr. Barry Boehm in 1981.
COCOMO is a regression-based model that considers various historical programs software size and multipliers.
COCOMO’s most fundamental calculation is the use of the Effort Equation to estimate the number of Person-Months required to develop a project.

– Example: # of person months * loaded labor rate = Estimated Cost

Most of the other estimates (requirements, maintenance, etc) are derived from this quantity.

COCOMO Model PPT Contents:

  • Constructive Cost Model
  • Classes of software project
  • Limitations of COCOMO
  • Cost Estimation Accuracy
  • COCOMO II Uses
  • and more

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