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DNA fingerprinting PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about What is DNA fingerprinting (DNA Profiling) on DNA fingerprinting PPT.

What is DNA fingerprinting (DNA Profiling)?

A technique used by scientists to distinguish between individuals of the same species using only samples of their DNA

Stages of DNA Profiling

Stage 1:
Cells are broken down to release DNA
If only a small amount of DNA is available it can be amplified using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

Stage 2:
The DNA is cut into fragments using restriction enzymes.
Each restriction enzyme cuts DNA at a specific base sequence.

Stage 3:
Fragments are separated on the basis of size using a process called gel electrophoresis.
DNA fragments are injected into wells and an electric current is applied along the gel.

Stage 4:
The pattern of fragment distribution is then analysed.

Uses of DNA fingerprinting

profiling is used to solve crimes and medical problems

DNA fingerprinting PPT Contents:

What is DNA fingerprinting (DNA Profiling)
Stages of DNA fingerprinting
Uses of DNA fingerprinting
Biological materials used for DNA fingerprinting
and more

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