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Electrocardiography PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Basic ECG, Purpose of ECG/EKG on Electrocardiography PPT.

Basic Electrocardiography

Electrical = mechanical events
EKG conventions – language
Basic interpretation
Practice strips (lab sessions)


Action Potentials

  • RMP = ~ -90mV
  • Depolarization = RMP becomes more positive

Cardiac Muscle Cell

  • Self-generating AP
  • Conducted directly from cell to cell
  • No twitch contractions

Heart as a Pump

  • Pulmonary vs. systemic
  • Aerobic metabolism
  • System and pump blood supply

Conduction System

Purpose of ECG/EKG

Picture of electrical events
Established electrode pattern results in specific tracing pattern
Health of heart can be examined using EKG
Electrical pattern reveals blood supply problems

Electrocardiography PPT Contents:

  • Basic Electrocardiography
  • Review
  • Purpose of ECG/EKG
  • Depolarization and EKG
  • Electrical = Mechanical activity
  • EKG Recording
  • Basic EKG – 6 Limb Leads
  • and more

Download Electrocardiography PPT

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