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Electrophoresis PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Serum protein electrophoresis, Principle on Electrophoresis PPT.


• Cation = positively charged ion, it moves toward the cathode (-)
• Anion = negatively charged ion, it moves toward the anode (+)
• Amphoteric substance = can have a positive/negative/zero charge, it depends on conditions

Some substances have different net charges and can be separated into several fractions in external electric field.
But velocity of a particle also depends on the: size, shape of the particle and given applied voltage

Serum protein electrophoresis on agarose gel

Serum proteins are negative charged at pH 8.6 (a buffer helps to maintain a constant pH) and they move toward the anode at the rate dependent on their net charge.
The separated proteins are fixed and stained by amidoblack solution.

Process of electrophoresis

1. sample application

2. adjustment of voltage or current – DIRECT CURRENT ! (gel-electrophoresis about 70 – 100 volts)

3. separation time: minutes (e.g. gel-electrophoresis of serum proteins 30 min.)

4. electrophoresis in supporting medium: fixation, staining and destaining

5. evaluation:

qualitative (standards)

quantitative (densitometry)

Electrophoresis PPT Contents:

  • Electrophoresis
  • Serum protein electrophoresis on agarose gel
  • Process of electrophoresis
  • Equipment used for the gel electrophoresis in the practical training A1
  • Serum protein electrophoresis Hydragel – agarose gel
  • Hydragel 15/30
  • and more

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