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Employee Engagement PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Overview of Employee Engagement and more on Employee Engagement PPT.

Overview of Employee Engagement

Why we care
Positive psychology vs. disease, damage, disorder, disability

Popular business publications, etc. (i.e. Q12)
Scientific/academic literature (often connected to complementary study areas)

Who is responsible for employees’ optimal performance?
Employee Engagement exists when the employee feels:

  • Physically
  • Intellectually
  • Emotionally

Work life – work and personal well being
The extent that an employee is psychologically present in an organization role.
Values, match, and fit.

12 Things Important to Employees

From Gallup’s Q12:

  • Knowing what’s Expected
  • Having the Right Materials & Equipment
  • Opportunity to Do What I Do Best
  • Recognition & Praise
  • Caring for Me as a Person
  • Encourages Development
  • My opinion Counts
  • Connection with Mission of Organization
  • Co Workers Committed to Quality Work
  • I have a Best Friend at Work
  • Someone Has talked with Me About my Progress
  • Opportunities to Learn and Grow

Employee Engagement PPT Contents:

  • Overview of Employee Engagement
  • UMKC’s previous attempts to measure Employee Engagement
  • New collaborations and a broader definition
  • The Pilot Project
  • What the research yields
  • Blending all the research pieces together
  • Recommendations for any organization
  • Conclusion
  • and more

Download Employee Engagement PPT

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