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Energy Audits PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about What is Energy Audits, Energy Input Labeling on Energy Audits PPT.

What is Energy Audits?

Energy Audit can be simply defined as a process to evaluate where a building or plant or activity or process uses energy, and identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption.


As long-predicted energy shortages appear, as questions about the interaction of energy and environment are raised in legislatures and parliaments, and as energy-related inflation dominates public concern, many are beginning to see that there is a unity of the single system of energy, ecology, and economics. The world’s leadership, however, is mainly advised by specialists who study only a part of the system at a time.

There is a relationship between energy consumption and cost: With the cost of all forms of energy increasing at a rapid pace, farmers have the potential to lower their cost of production by performing an energy audit on their farm or ranch and identifying ways to lower energy use, which translates into lower costs.
Baseline: Efficient use of energy becomes very important with rising energy costs

Energy Audits PPT Contents:

  • What is Energy Audits?
  • Energy Input Labeling Project
  • Energy Input Labeling Standards
  • and more

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