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Ergonomics PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about What Is Ergonomics, Risk Factors and more on Ergonomics PPT.

What Is Ergonomics?

Ergo = work (Greek)
Nomos = Laws (Greek)
The study of work; laws of work design; OSHA is concerned with the study of the conditions that result in serious injury and the alternatives that minimize risk of injury.

How Ergonomics Can Help

Fewer injuries
Increased productivity
Increased efficiency
Improved quality of work
Reduced absenteeism
Lower turnover

Principles of Ergonomics

Avoid static loads and fixed postures
Provide support for limbs
Avoid high forces and lifting
Avoid highly repetitive tasks
Accommodate a variety of sizes and people

– Design for the extremes
– Design for the average
– Design with adjustability

Philosophy of Ergonomics

  • Fit the task to the person
  • Quality of working life
  • Productivity
  • Safe and hygienic work
  • Minimize physiological
  • and psychological stresses

Ergonomics PPT Contents:

  • What Is Ergonomics?
  • How Ergonomics Can Help
  • Principles of Ergonomics
  • Philosophy of Ergonomics
  • Risk Factors
  • Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • and more

Download Ergonomics PPT

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