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Global Warming and Science PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Greenhouse Effect on Global Warming and Science PPT.

Global Warming

Typically the majority of weather stations yield corrupt time series data
Those weather stations are located where people are living. Thus, it is far from a random sample of the surface of the world, rather a measure of increasing human density
Death Valley, Key West, Blaine, and Houlton are far (remote) from urban centres and are likely more reliable Who knows about Berkeley? Albany vs. New York City?
Since 1979, temperatures have been measured from satellites. Not surprisingly, these measurements give a much smaller warming.

What is the Greenhouse Effect ?

Certain gasses in the atmosphere absorb heat energy and reduce the amount that escapes into space
This ‘trapping’ of heat from our only source of warmth – the Sun – by the atmosphere is known as the ‘Greenhouse Effect’
This gives us a global average temperature of +15°C rather than -18°C if we had no Greenhouse Effect

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