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Globalization PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Early Globalization, The Information Revolution on Globalization PPT.


What are the characteristics of the globalization phenomenon?
What are the components of the globalization process
How does this relate to history
The same trend does not always have the same impact everywhere
What are the pros and cons of Globalization?

Globalization-Something New?

It’s been a long time coming, but now it is happening furiously fast—and that is part of the problem.
So, to “what is it?” and “why is it happening?” we have to add: “is the pace of globalization accelerating—and the answer is a definite “yes”

The Information Revolution

The Internet
Instant Dispersal of News & Information
The Rise of a Global Media Village?
The Personalization of communications: the cell/mobile phone system, and its increasing capacity.

Globalization PPT Contents:

  • Globalization
  • Globalization-Something New?
  • Early Globalization
  • Key Elements: THEN
  • Key Elements–NOW
  • Component
  • The Information Revolution
  • and more

Download Globalization PPT

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