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Green Chemistry PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Green Chemistry intro, Environmental Movement on Green Chemistry PPT.

Environmental Movement

Public Awareness

• No regulations
• Publications of effects and consequences


• Effects
• Outcry
• Laws and regulations

“Dilution is solution”
Pollution Prevention Act

– option of first choice
– national policy of US

“Alternative Synthetic Pathways for Pollution

– design synthesis of chemicals for PP
– collaborations, voluntary partnerships

Approaches in recent past:

– Reduction of risk of manufacturing and use
– Innovative chemistries to treat wastes and remediate sites
– New monitoring and analytical tools for detection in air, water, soils
– New handling and containment procedures to minimize exposure

Green Chemistry

  • Carrying out chemical activities, including chemical design, manufacture, use, and disposal, such that
  • hazardous substances will not be used and generated.
  • Tool in accomplishing Pollution Prevention
  • Encompasses all aspects and types of chemical processes to reduce impacts
  • Green chemistry is the use of chemistry for pollution prevention
  • Design of chemical products and processes that are more environmentally benign
  • Reduction or elimination of the use or generation of hazardous substances associated with a particular synthesis orprocess

Green Chemistry PPT Contents:

  • Environmental Movement
  • Green Chemistry
  • Importance
  • Areas of Research
  • Programs and Partnerships
  • Conclusions
  • and more

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