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Group Discussion PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Managing Conflict, Group Problem Solving and more on Group Discussion PPT.

Working Together Makes Sense

• A discussion is a cooperative exchange of information, opinions, or ideas.
• Competitive discussions are in an atmosphere that can cause division among members in a group because they see each other as rivals.
• Cooperative discussions are in an atmosphere that encourages members to work together toward a common goal.

Discussion Formats

• A panel discussion is a relatively informal discussion that takes place before an audience with three or four people in the panel facing the audience. The panelists usually talk directly to each other.
• A forum may follow the panel discussion so that panel members can invite questions and comments from the audience.
• A round table discussion is commonly used in business and industry. 3 to 8 members sit in a circular pattern and talk about a common concern.
• A symposium presents opposing points of view by inviting experts to deliver short speeches on a particular subject. Each speaker faces the audience, and the audience usually asks questions after all speeches.
• A town hall meeting is a large assembly that discusses problems. A vote is sometimes held afterwards.

Group Discussion PPT Contents:

  • Working Together Makes Sense
  • Discussion Formats
  • Factors for Success
  • Group Problem Solving
  • Self-help Groups
  • Managing Conflict
  • and more

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