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Holography PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Hologram History, Integral Hologram, Pulsed-Laser Holography on Holography PPT.

Word Origin

Hologram is from the Greek word holos, meaning whole and gramma meaning message.

Hologram History

Theory Developed in 1947 by
British/Hungarian scientist Dennis Gabor
Developed because he was trying to improve the resolution of electron microscopes
Development in this field was stifled during the 1950’s because light sources were not coherent

Pulsed-Laser Holography

Laser system emits a very powerful burst of light that lasts only a few nanoseconds, which effectively freezes movement
Enables a hologram to be made of a human
The first hologram of a person was made in 1967

Holography PPT Contents:

  • Word Origin
  • Hologram History
  • White Light and High Speed Objects
  • Pulsed-Laser Holography
  • Dr. Dennis Gabor
  • Dr. Stephen A. Benton
  • The Integral Hologram
  • and more

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