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Human Resource Development PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Introduction to Human Resource Development on Human Resource Development PPT.

Definition of HRD

A set of systematic and planned activities designed by an organization to provide its members with the necessary skills to meet current and future job demands.

Emergence of HRD

Employee needs extend beyond the training classroom
Includes coaching, group work, and problem solving
Need for basic employee development
Need for structured career development
ASTD changes its name to the American Society for Training and Development

Relationship Between HRM and HRD

Human resource management (HRM) encompasses many functions
Human resource development (HRD) is just one of the functions within HRM

Human Resource Development PPT Contents:

  • Definition of HRD
  • Emergence of HRD
  • Relationship Between HRM and HRD
  • Primary Functions of HRM
  • Secondary HRM Functions
  • HRD Functions
  • and more

Download Human Resource Development PPT

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