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Introduction to IPv6 PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Features of IPv6, IP Network Addressing on Introduction to IPv6 PPT.

IP Network Addressing

INTERNET > world’s largest public data network, doubling in size every nine months
IPv4, defines a 32-bit address – 232 (4,294,967,296) IPv4 addresses available
The first problem is concerned with the eventual depletion of the IP address space.
Traditional model of classful addressing does not allow the address space to be used to its maximum potential.

Classful Addressing

When IP was first standardized in Sep 1981, each system attached to the IP based Internet had to be assigned a unique 32-bit address
The 32-bit IP addressing scheme involves a two level addressing hierarchy

Techniques to reduce address shortage in IPv4

Classless Inter Domain Routing (CIDR)
Network Address Translation (NAT)

Introduction to IPv6 PPT Contents:

  • IP Network Addressing
  • Classful IP addressing
  • Techniques to reduce address shortage in IPv4
  • Features of IPv6
  • Header Comparisons
  • Extension Headers
  • Conclusions
  • and more

Download Introduction to IPv6 PPT

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