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Introduction to Router PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Router Function, Cisco Routers on Introduction to Router PPT.

Router Function

Linking WANs and LANs
Interconnecting communication lines
Path determination and packet switching
Application of security rules (ACLs)
Protocol conversion (encapsulation)

Introduction to WANs

A wide area network (WAN) is a data communications network spanning a large geographic area such as a region, country or the entire planet
A WAN may interconnect LANs
May use microwave, satellite, fibre-optic, phone lines etc. to cover distances

Cisco Routers

Operating system is known as Internetwork Operating System (IOS)
Held in Flash memory (non-volatile)
Based on UNIX heritage

Router Operation

Layer 3 device
Accepts PDUs on incoming network
Examines PDU data
Makes decision(s) for next stage of PDU journey
May modify PDU contents (not payload)
Passes PDU on to outgoing network

Introduction to Router PPT Contents:

  • WAN introduction and devices
  • MODEM technologies
  • Router Functions
  • Router Hardware
  • Connecting to a router for the first time
  • and more

Download Introduction to Router PPT

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