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Java Tutorial PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Java General, Object-Oriented Programming, Java Advantages on Java Tutorial PPT.

Java – General

Java is:
– platform independent programming language
– similar to C++ in syntax
– similar to Smalltalk in mental paradigm

Pros: also ubiquitous to net
Cons: interpreted, and still under development (moving target)
Java has some interesting features:

– automatic type checking,
– automatic garbage collection,
– simplifies pointers; no directly accessible pointer to memory,
– simplified network access,
– multi-threading!


Java supports OOD

– Polymorphism
– Inheritance
– Encapsulation

Java programs contain nothing but definitions and instantiations of classes

– Everything is encapsulated in a class!

Java Advantages

Portable – Write Once, Run Anywhere
Security has been well thought through
Robust memory management
Designed for network programming
Multi-threaded (multiple simultaneous tasks)
Dynamic & extensible (loads of libraries)

– Classes stored in separate files
– Loaded only when needed

Java Tutorial PPT Contents:

  • Java – General
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Java Advantages
  • Basic Java Syntax
  • Primitive Types and Variables
  • Declarations
  • and more

Download Java Tutorial PPT

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