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Kaizen Training PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about A definition, Basic Rules for Change and more on Kaizen Training PPT.

TIME: The single best indicator of competitiveness

  • Set-up or Change-over Time
  • Manufacturing Cycle Time
  • Product Development Time
  • Customer Lead Time / Delivery Time

Working to reduce or minimize each of these times can make your company more valuable to both its internal and external customers.

Shrinking Lead Times

Reducing the overall time from receiving the order to delivering the product makes your company more responsive to the customer. This can become the deciding factor when the customer makes their selection.

As can be seen, manufacturing is only one part of the entire process. Inputting, processing, and issuing orders is an area for improvement, as well as, assembly, loading and delivery to the customer`

A definition:

Destroy, in our minds, the concepts and techniques of manufacturing that we practice today.

Create a vision of what our production system and manufacturing techniques should be.

Carry out that Vision by breaking through the status quo.

Basic Rules for Change

  • Keep an open mind to change
  • No such thing as a dumb question or idea
  • Avoid spending money (Capital expense should be a last resort)
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Don’t’ make excuses & question current practices
  • Think about how to do it, NOT why it can’t be done
  • Just do it!!
  • Have Fun!!!

Kaizen Training PPT Contents:

  • TIME: The single best indicator of competitiveness
  • Shrinking Lead Times
  • Where’s the Time in Lead Time
  • Different Types of Activities
  • Some examples NVA Activities
  • A definition
  • Basic Rules for Change
  • Steps on Team Development
  • and more

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