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Medical Fungi PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Structure, Classification and Replication on Medical Fungi PPT.

Features of Fungi and its value in our life:

The fungi are a ubiquitous and diverse organisms, that degrade organic matter.
Fungi have heterotrophic life; they could survive in nature as:

  • Saprophytic: live on dead or decaying matter
  • Symbiotic: live together and have mutual advantage
  • Commensal: one benefits and other neither benefits nor harmed.
  • Parasitic: live on or within a host, they get benefit and harm the other.

Fungi mainly infect immunocompromised or hospitalized patients with serious underlying diseases.
The incidence of specific invasive mycoses continues to increase with time
The list of opportunistic fungal pathogens likewise increases each year “It seems there are no non-pathogenic fungi anymore ! “
This increase in fungal infections can be attributed to the ever-growing number of immunocompromised patients.

Fungal Taxonomy:

Kingdom Fungi (Myceteae)
5 main classes of medically important fungi.

  • Zygo-mycetes,
  • Asco-mycetes,
  • Archiasco-mycetes,
  • Basidio-mycetes
  • Deutero-mycetes

Fungal Morphology and Structure

Eukaryotic organisms, distinguished by a rigid cell wall composed of chitin and glucan, and a cell membrane in which ergosterol is substituted for cholesterol as the major sterol component.
Fungal taxonomy relies heavily on morphology and mode of spore production
Fungi may be unicellular or multicellular.
The simplest grouping based on morphology divides fungi into either yeast or mold forms.

Medical Fungi PPT Contents:

  • Features of Fungi and its value in our life
  • Fungal Taxonomy
  • Fungal Morphology and Structure
  • Asexual spores consist of two general types
  • Physiology
  • The 5 Medical Fungal Classes
  • and more

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