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Mobile Banking PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Mobile Banking Features, Account-to-Account transfers and more on Mobile Banking PPT.

Mobile Banking Features

Until now, you have had to depend upon banks to conduct your banking transactions and to keep your
account secure.

Now, with your cell phone, you can instantly conduct banking transactions and secure your own accounts.

You receive instant text messages on any transaction activity against your account, including your current
account balance.

Your available options on account notifications are:

  • You can be notified whenever a “card not present” purchase has been made (typically an Internet, or phone purchase)
  • when account balance has dropped below a pre-determined level you have established
  • when a deposit or transfer has been credited to your account
  • or you can choose to receive a notification whenever any purchase is made on your card account
  • in addition to purchases, you will receive notification of any ATM withdrawals
  • and more

Account-to-Account transfers

  • The account-to-account transfer feature enables you to use your cell phone to instantly transfer money to other account holders, and to make purchases or payments.
  • These transfers can be made by typing in either the recipient’s cell phone number or their card account number.
  • You can receive an instant transfer of funds to your account by simply providing the sender your cell phone number.

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