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Mobile Computing PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about What is mobile computing, Types of wireless devices and more on Mobile Computing PPT.

What Is Mobile Computing?

What is computing ? Operation of computers (according to oxfords advance learner’s dictionary)
What is the mobile ? That someone /something can move or be moved easily and quickly from place to place
What is mobile computing ? Users with portable computers still have network connections while they move
Is using a digital camera “Mobile Computing”, or using an MP3 player or handheld computer (e.g. 3Com’s Palm Pilot or Compaq’s iPAQ 3660)?
A simple definition could be: Mobile Computing is using a computer (of one kind or another) while on the move
Another definition could be: Mobile Computing is when a (work) process is moved from a normal fixed position to a more dynamic position.
A third definition could be: Mobile Computing is when a work process is carried out somewhere where it was not previously possible.

Why Go Mobile?

Enable anywhere/anytime connectivity
Bring computer communications to areas without pre-existing infrastructure
Enable mobility
Enable new applications
An exciting new research area

Mobile Computing PPT Contents:

  • What is mobile computing?
  • Comparison to wired networks
  • Why go mobile?
  • Types of wireless devices
  • Mobile objects
  • Moving object databases (MOD)
  • and more

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