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Mobile Operating Systems PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Windows CE, Android OS, Symbian OS, Java and more on Mobile Operating Systems PPT.

An Overview of Windows CE

What is Windows CE?

  • One of Microsoft’s products.
  • Windows CE OS was designed for Handheld PC devices (between PDAs and laptops).
  • Windows CE .NET on the current Microsoft OS delivers the most complete mobile operating system.
  • It focuses on the enterprise market for mobile enterprise systems

Basic functional features:

  • Enable multitasking – allow the user to work on one application which another is executing in the background.
  • Include many familiar applications, such as PocketWord, PocketExcel, PocketOutlook, and Pocket Internet Explorer.
  • Built-in multimedia capabilities for both audio and video.

An Overview of Palm OS

What is Palm OS?

  • It is designed by Palm Computer for PDAs.
  • It has been experienced tremendous success in the PDA’s consumer market.
  • It focuses on the enterprise market for mobile enterprise systems

History of Palm OS:

  • In early 2000 (by IDC, June 2000), Palm established itself as the market leader in PDAs, capturing nearly 75% of the worldwide mobile OS market.
  • In the early days of PDA application development, people chose Palm OS as a deployment platform because it is available and many employees were familiar with it.
  • Due to the limitation of its early versions, people found that it was unsuitable for many of application tasks. This causes some problems in positioning itself at a dominant position in the enterprise market.

Mobile Operating Systems PPT Content:

Mobile Operating Systems

  • Windows CE
  • Palm OS
  • Symbian OS
  • Java & J2ME
  • BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless) Technology

Comparison of Different OS systems

Development Tools

and more

Download Mobile Operating Systems PPT

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