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Network Programming PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Client/sever model, Sockets and more on Network Programming PPT.

Client/sever model

• Client asks (request) – server provides (response)
• Typically: single server – multiple clients
• The server does not need to know anything about the client
– even that it exists
• The client should always know something about the server
– at least where it is located

Internet Connections (TCP/IP)

• Address the machine on the network
– By IP address
• Address the process
– By the “port”-number
• The pair of IP-address + port – makes up a “socket-address”


• What is a socket?

– To the kernel, a socket is an endpoint of communication.
– To an application, a socket is a file descriptor that lets the application read/write from/to the network.

• Remember: All Unix I/O devices, including networks, are modeled as files.
• Clients and servers communicate with each by reading from and writing to socket descriptors.
• The main distinction between regular file I/O and socket I/O is how the application “opens” the socket

Network Programming PPT Contents:

  • Client-server model
  • Sockets interface
  • Socket primitives
  • Example code for echoclient and echoserver
  • Debugging With GDB
  • Programming Assignment 1 (MNS)
  • and more

Download Network Programming PPT

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