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NMR Spectroscopy PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Definition, History and more on NMR Spectroscopy PPT.

Definition of NMR Spectroscopy

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy: commonly referred to as NMR, is a technique which exploits the magnetic properties of certain nuclei to study physical, chemical, and biological properties of matter Compared to mass spectrometry, larger amounts of sample are needed, but non-destructive

NMR History

1937 Rabi?s prediction and observation of nuclear magnetic resonance

1945 First NMR of solution (Bloch et al for H2O) and solids (Purcell etal for parafin)!

1953 Overhauser NOE (nuclear Overhauser effect)

1966 Ernst, Anderson Fourier transform NMR

1975 Jeener, Ernst 2D NMR

1980 NMR protein structure by Wuthrich

1990 3D and 1H/15N/13C Triple resonance

1997 Ultra high field (~800 MHz) & TROSY(MW 100K)

NMR Spectroscopy PPT Contents:

  • Definition of NMR Spectroscopy
  • NMR History
  • Spin of Nuclei
  • Angular Momentum
  • Energy Differentiation
  • Larmor Precession
  • and more

Download NMR Spectroscopy PPT

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