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OLED Technology PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about OLED vs. Plasma/LCD, Future Developments and more on OLED Technology PPT.

OLED/LED: What’s the diff?

Both OLED and LED use the same principle of electroluminescence- the optical and electrical phenomenon where certain materials emit light in response to an electric current passing through it.


Lighter weight
Perform at lower efficiencies
Less power consumption
Organic based chemicals

How It Works

Composed of two substrate layers on the outside
Emissive and conductive layer lie between the cathode and the anode layers
A current is applied across the LED, where electrons move from cathode to anode
The cathode gives electrons to the emissive layer, where the anode withdraws these electrons from the conductive layer
The emissive layer becomes rich in negative charge while the conductive layer becomes more positively charged
The two charges recombine in the emissive layer, creating a drop in energy levels of the electrons
The drop in energy levels results in radiation that is on the visible spectrum, emitting light

OLED vs. Plasma/LCD


  • Brighter, picture
  • More efficient viewing angle
  • Thinner, lighter in weight
  • Low powered
  • Can be printed on various surfaces clearer


  • Short term battery life
  • Expense
  • Doesn’t like water

OLED Technology PPT Contents:

  • OLED/LED: What’s the diff
  • How It Works
  • OLED’s Today
  • OLED vs. Plasma/LCD
  • Why so Expensive?
  • Future Developments
  • and more

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