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Ovarian Tumors PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Stage, treatment and more of ovarian cancer on Ovarian Tumors PPT.


Ovarian cysts < 6 cms usually regress by absorption or spontaneous rupture and the patient may be managed conservatively over 2 menstrual cycles with monthly rectovaginal examination.
If regression fails to occur, assessment is indicated
Diagnostic tests include laboratory blood studies and pelvic examination. Usually, ultrasound studies with and without blood flow measurements to the involved ovary are used for diagnosis and to help determine the best therapy.
Some tumors require surgery to diagnose accurately, ruling out malignancy, or to treat. If one ovary must be removed, normal conception and childbirth is possible as long as a normal ovary remains on the other side.


Female hormones or clomiphene may be prescribed. These help shrink or destroy some tumors. Oral contraceptives are often used as the first step in treatment.

Ovarian Tumors PPT Contents:

  • Treatment Of Ovarian Cysts And Benign Tumors
  • Medication
  • Laparoscopy
  • Stage I ovarian cancer
  • Stage II ovarian cancer
  • Stage III ovarian cancer
  • Stage IV ovarian cancer
  • Management
  • And more

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