Polymerase Chain Reaction PPT Download Free

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Polymerase Chain Reaction PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about What is PCR, DNA and more on Polymerase Chain Reaction PPT.

What is DNA?

DNA is a nucleic acid that is composed of two complementary nucleotide building block chains.

The nucleotides are made up of a phosphate group, a five carbon sugar, and a nitrogen base.

DNA Sugar

Deoxyribonucleic acid

RNA Sugar

Ribonucleic acid

What is PCR?

PCR is a technique that takes a specific sequence of DNA of small amounts and amplifies it to be used for further testing.

PCR Targets

The targets in PCR are the sequences of DNA on each end of the region of interest, which can be a complete gene or small sequence.

Polymerase Chain Reaction PPT Contents:

  • What is DNA?
  • What is PCR?
  • PCR Cycles
  • PCR Requirements
  • PCR Targets
  • PCR Denaturing
  • PCR Primers
  • PCR Annealing
  • Applications of PCR
  • Extraction of DNA for Factor V
  • DNA Detection for Factor V
  • PCR Results for Factor V
  • and more

Download Polymerase Chain Reaction PPT

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