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Power Electronics PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about What is power electronics, Applications and more on Power Electronics PPT.

What is power electronics?

1) Definition

Power Electronics is the electronics applied to conversion and control of electric power.

Range of power scale :

milliwatts(mW) > megawatts(MW) > gigawatts(GW)

A more exact explanation

The primary task of power electronics is to process and control the flow of electric energy by supplying voltages and currents in a form that is optimally suited for user loads.

Conversion of electric power

Other names for electric power converter:
-Power converter
-Switching converter
-Power electronic circuit
-Power electronic converter


  • Industrial applications
  • Motor drives
  • Electrolysis
  • Electroplating
  • Induction heating
  • Welding
  • Arc furnaces and ovens
  • Lighting

Power Electronics PPT Contents:

  • What is power electronics?
  • The history
  • Applications
  • About this course
  • and more

Download Power Electronics PPT

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