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Thermal Energy PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Atomic Motion, Ideal Gas Energy, Internal Energy on Thermal Energy PPT.

Atomic Motion

The macroscopic properties of a system are based on the microscopic behavior of atoms.

Macroscopic equation of state:

  • pressure, volume, temperature

Microscopic laws of motion:

  • position, velocity, energy

Internal Energy

The kinetic energy of an ideal gas is its internal energy.

  • Also called thermal energy

Internal energy does not include energy from external measures.

  • Center of mass translation
  • Rigid body rotation
  • Potential from external force

Thermal Energy PPT Contents:

  • Atomic Motion
  • Ideal Gas Energy
  • Internal Energy
  • Vibrations
  • Energy Transfer
  • Heat and Work
  • and more

Download Thermal Energy PPT

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