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Total Quality Management PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about What is TQM, Why care about quality on Total Quality Management PPT.

What is TQM??

The essence of Total Quality Management is a common sense dedication to understanding what the customer
wants and then using people and science to set up systems to deliver products and services that delight the customer.

Old Quality vs. New Quality

Difference between old quality (Rolls Royce, personal banker, …) and new quality is that old was the work of craftsmen and the new is the work of a system (Toyota, Big Mac, Boeing Aircraft, Disney World, …). The old is expensive, made for the few, using skilled hands, is beautiful and functionally based. The new reduces cost, made for the many by intelligent minds and should drive the economy and make business more competitive.

Why care about quality

  • increase productivity
  • expand market share
  • raise customer loyalty
  • enhance competitiveness of the firm
  • at a minimum, serve as a price of entry

Why Quality is so difficult to do?

Quality can only be defined in terms of an agent (a judge of quality).
One has to translate future needs of the user into measurable characteristics

Total Quality Management PPT Contents:

  • What is Quality?
  • Old Quality vs. New Quality
  • Why care about quality
  • Achieving high quality Is Difficult
  • Why Quality is so difficult to do?
  • Quality Gurus
  • What is TQM?
  • and more

Download Total Quality Management PPT

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