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Water Pollution PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Distribution of Water Reservoirs, Water Cycle and more on Water Pollution PPT.

World Water Supply

97.200% salt water in the oceans
02.014% ice caps and glaciers
00.600% groundwater
00.009% surface water
00.005% soil moisture
00.001% atmospheric moisture

Water Pollution

Two major classifications

  • Point Source
  • Non-point Source

Point Sources

Single large source
Can localize it to one spot

  • Industrial Plants
  • Sewage pipes

Non-point Sources

Diffuse source or many smaller point sources

  • Automobiles
  • Fertilizer on fields

Water Pollution PPT Contents:

  • Water Pollution
  • Distribution of Water Reservoirs
  • Water Cycle
  • Point Sources
  • Water Pollution: Many Forms
  • Forms of Pollution – Details
  • Acid Rain Effects – Aquatic Systems
  • Acid Neutralization
  • and more

Download Water Pollution PPT

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