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Wind Energy PPT Free Download. Get paper presentation about Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Power, Future and more on Wind Energy PPT.

Wind Energy History

1 A.D.

Hero of Alexandria uses a wind machine to power an organ

~ 400 A.D.

Wind driven Buddhist prayer wheels

1200 to 1850

Golden era of windmills in western Europe – 50,000
9,000 in Holland; 10,000 in England; 18,000 in Germany


Multiblade turbines for water pumping made and marketed in U.S.


Thomas Edison commissions first commercial electric generating stations in NYC and London


Competition from alternative energy sources reduces windmill population to fewer than 10,000

1850 – 1930

Heyday of the small multiblade turbines in the US midwast

  • As many as 6,000,000 units installed


US Rural Electrification Administration extends the grid to most formerly isolated rural sites

  • Grid electricity rapidly displaces multiblade turbine uses

Advantages of Wind Power

  • Environmental
  • Economic Development
  • Fuel Diversity & Conservation
  • Cost Stability

Environmental Benefits

  • No air pollution
  • No greenhouse gasses
  • Does not pollute water with mercury
  • No water needed for operations

Wind Energy PPT Contents:

  • History and Context
  • Advantages
  • Design
  • Siting
  • Disadvantages
  • Economics
  • Project Development
  • Policy
  • Future
  • and more

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